Accredited by UN Habitat.

      Published books, notably Pen Power -- a monumental encyclopedia of letters to editors which has been entered as a World Record in the Limca Book of Records.

      Conducted several national seminars on topical issues with eminent persons, and workshops.

      Taken up human rights issues and Public Interest Litigations.

      Mooted the People's Shadow Government idea in India in 1996 which has been acknowledged by former President, former Vice-President, Prime Minister, Chief of Army and others.  Smt. Sonia Gandhi wanted to form a Shadow Cabinet.  Haryana Chief Minister Bhajan Lal toyed with the idea and now Narayan Rane of Shiv Sena has also been playing with it.

      Public Grievance Cell under the Cabinet Secretariat was started by late PM Narsimha Raoji because of our representation.

      Numerous Suggestions to Election Commission, Constitution Commission, NHRC, NWC, etc.

      Participation in many international conferences and social forums.

      AILWA newsletter.