The idea to unite letter-writers was mooted by Dr. Abu Baker, in 1978, who was then working with Tata Power Co., in Bhira, Kulaba District of Maharashtra. He wrote a letter to that effect in Indian Express of 10th August, 1978, which brought 8 replies, one from Anthony Parakal, who expressed reservation. Late Erach Sauna, another veteran letter writer, who was then residing in Panchgani, advised Abu to get in touch with Dr. Leo Rebello.

AILWA was formed at the residence of Dr. Leo Rebello in Malad on 1st January, 1980 and launched formally at the residence of Anthony Parakal on 13th April, 1980.

The Founder members were:

Anthony Parakal (President)
I.V Mahbubani (Vice-President)
Dr. Leo Rebello and Dr. Abu Baker Thwahir (Secretaries)
V. R Harshan (Treasurer)
Kashmira Baria, Dilshad Husein, P. G Menon as committee members.
Dr. I. E. J David, Dr. D. V Nadkarni, Erach Sauna, were appointed zonal representatives.

AILWA was registered under the Societies Registration Act in 1983 by Mr. K. V Satyamurty. (Regn. No. Bom 74/83).  In October 1999, we got I.T exemption under section 80 G.

AILWA is a completely non-profit organisation. Since its inception it has operated on a shoe string budget and members work from their own homes or offices.