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From: Dr. Leo Rebello

To: Secretary PCI ; Mumbai Newsline

Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2004 5:42 PM

Subject: Complaint against Mumbai Newsline


Secretary, Press Council of India, New Delhi

I am reproducing below the letter which has been published as the Letter of the Day
by the Indian Express (Bombay Edition) on 22 December, 2004 and my original letter emailed
to them on 17th December. Apart from grammatical mistakes, shoddy editing, there is deliberate twist and mischief in the published letter.
The words and sentence marked red is NOT my opinion and the editor has NO right to put words in my mouth.


In a Judgment given by the British Press Council, it was held that the Editor can only edit for clarity, but CANNOT change, re-write, twist, turn or mutilate the original letter. 


Please compare the published letter with my original letter and the mischief is obvious.
I am an established writer and consumer activist and this shoddy letter spoils my image. This is either deliberate or shows the incompetence of the editor. The part where I am questioning the editor's mischief in quoting a spineless aviation expert is deleted and so is the part wherein I say that airlines in India routinely indulge in this type of inadequate air-conditioning.
This amounts to manipulating public opinion and protecting Jet Airways for obvious


It is about time that the Press Council of India considered this issue of editorial indiscretion or mischief and editors publishing ONLY views which suit them or turning, twisting, mutilating, censoring reader's views. Letters column is the voice of the people and as the famous saying goes vox populi, vox dei.


Please treat this as a formal complaint and issue notices to the Indian Express under intimation to me at the earliest.  Thanking you.


Yours truly,

Dr. Leo Rebello

Individually and as the President of All India Letter Writers Association (Regd).

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Tel. 28872741

Email : leorebello@vsnl.com Website : www.healthwisdom.org


Enclosures 3, as as under :

1.. Letter published by the Indian Express in its issue dated 22nd December, 2004.

2.. Letter sent for publication by Dr. Leo Rebello on 17th December, 2004.

3.. A special review of the book Pen Power on the silver jubilee of AILWA




Following is the text of the letter published in the Indian Express

on 22nd December 2004.


They had no business plying (sic) the craft


Sir: This is with reference to 'MLAs lose their cool on Jet flight' (MN, December 14).

I personally (sic) think Jet Airways had no right plying (sic) an aircraft with a faulty



Apart from being a health hazard to the lives of the passengers on board, it was

also a violation of IATA regulations and DGCA rules.


Improper cabin pressure is extremely dangerous, especially for the old, infirm, infants,

those with high blood pressure or heart ailments and even for asthmatics.


Also, if the ministers in boards (sic)  wanted the flight grounded, the pilot should

definitely have concurred - atleast out of respect for the lives of the VIPs on board.



This is the original letter sent to Indian Express

----- Original Message -----

From: Dr. Leo Rebello To: Mumbai Newsline Cc: CM, Maharashtra

Sent: Friday, December 17, 2004 1:36 PM Subject: Irresponsible Comments should be avoided


Editor, Mumbai Newsline, Mumbai

Apropos ministers NOT allowing Jet Airways to fly and insisting on changing the flight and one anonymous (read spineless) expert from Civil Aviation saying that "opening the door amounts to terrorism", I have this to say as a regular air traveller.


Jet Airways has now become worse than what Indian Airlines was once.  Not running air-conditioning till the flight takes off is playing with the health and lives of the passengers and against IATA regulations and DGCA rules. If the cabin air pressure is not proper it unsettles the passengers especially old, infants, infirm, those with high BP, heart insufficiency and asthmatics.

If the Ministers asserted with grounding of such an aircraft and tried to open the door when the Captain (read driver) of the aircraft refused inspite of VIPs being on board, shows the callous attitude of the captain and the airlines.  It is about time that the DGCA authorities looked into this usual racket of airlines trying to save fuel by not running the air-conditioning when the aircraft is stationary. 


Many years ago, late Dr. Mrs. Roshan Captain (of the Himalaya Drug Co. and one of the sixth highest income tax payers in India), had in a similar situation threatened to jump off the aircraft as she could not bear the heat and suffocation. She was about 75 and had later sued the concerned airline in the consumer court for deficiency in service. 


Publishing puerile letters (as a letter of the day) or quoting a spineless expert who is talking through his hat is not responsible journalism.


Best Wishes

Dr. Leo Rebello