Press Council of India  


The Press Council of India is a quasi-judicial body constituted under the Press Council Act, 1978.  A person can approach the press council if there is any profession misconduct on the part of journalists, editors of newspapers, news agencies. 


The council has the powers to administer a warning, admonition or censure the newspapers/news agencies or to censure or disapprove the conduct of an editor or concerned journalist if the council has reason to believe that the newspapers/news agency has acted in breach of journalistic ethics or the Editor/Journalist has committed any professional misconduct. 


AILWA has sued and won all cases taken so far to the PCI.  Cases have been filed, for instance, when an obligatory letter in protest against an article on Masturbation (in bad taste) was not published by Bombay Times; against Times of India for a half-page advertisement which showed an entire family in nude; Mid-Day for conducting opinion surveys which influence voters, My Doctor and Free Press Journal magazine for non-payment. 


It is very simple to make a complaint to the PCI.  Write a reasoned complaint, attach the distasteful matter in support and send a copy of your complaint to the editor of the newspaper. If the matter involves professional misconduct or the newspaper has defied journalistic ethics, then the PCI will take note of your complaint. 


No court fee is required, if the case is admitted. No advocates need represent you, if you have the common sense, conviction and communication skills.  It is not mandatory to attend the hearing.


Example of a recent complaint to the Press Council of India


Registrar of Newspapers for India


The Office of the registrar of newspapers for India (RNI) was established in 1956.  Its responsibilities are to maintain details of all newspapers, periodicals published within India, issue certificate of registration to newspapers, etc.  RNI maintains detailed statistics of newspapers & periodicals in terms of language, state, circulation pattern, circulation levels, ownership and contents. 


AILWA President has mooted an idea of people's paper by people's contribution following on the track of Asahi Simbhum, Japan.


Advertising Standards Council of India


The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), a self regulatory voluntary body entertains complaints against misleading, indecent and dishonest advertisements appearing in newspapers, magazines unfair to competition or leading to unsafe practices. ASCI does not have powers or any statutory recognition to enforce its decisions on the advertising firms. But inspite of this they have a high success rate, in as much as due to their follow up with the advertising firms, 85 % of distasteful advertisements do not re-appear.