A book on Journalism and Public Relations                                    by Dr. G. C Banik


Pen Power (Encyclopedia of Letters to the Editor)                               by Dr. Leo Rebello

Shadow Government (Booklet on launch of Shadow Govt.)               by Dr. Leo Rebello

Travesty of Life (Anthology )                                                            by Dr. Leo Rebello

(Was nominated for Nobel in Literature in 2001)

Work for Change (Booklet on Election Reforms

      & People’s Manifesto)                                            by Dr. Leo Rebello



Poems on Love and Peace (Anthology)                                              by Dr. Kazuyosi Ikeda

Poems on Animate and Inanimate (Anthology)                                  by Dr. Kazuyosi Ikeda

Songs of the Soul (Anthology)                                                             by Dr. Kazuyosi Ikeda


(AILWA is open to organisations and individuals wanting to publish books and will help in the same, provided the subject confirms to the objectives of the organisation. However, the individual or organisation that wants the book published under the AILWA banner, has to pay for actual costs of editing and printing. Ask for terms and conditions by writing to Dr. Leo Rebello,